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Experience the WORLD NOVELTY

The GRILLOMAX combines grill and hot air to an innovative and
preparation experience within minutes. The integrated
plasma filter technology (PFT) allows fat-odorless cooking
of grilled food, chips and many other products.
This makes the GRILLOMAX unique.

Features & Highlights

Gentle cooking

Fast cooking time with high energy efficiency

Clean exhaust air
through integrated plasma-filter-technology


Easy2Clean surface

Dishwasher safe

Personalized design

12h On-Site service warranty

"Made in Germany"


Innovative  technology

The GRILLOMAX works with an intelligent combination of direct and indirect heat. The grill and hot air chambers specially developed for this purpose produce a constant heat flow. Thus, the food is cooked gently and evenly. A high quality insulation and an efficient energy management guarantee to low energy consumption.

During the preparation, the grill and hot air chambers are closed almost airtight. In the interior of the GRILLOMAX, the resulting exhaust air passes through a complex system consisting of grease separator, integrated plasma filter and activated carbon/ particulate air filter elements. This specially developed exhaust unit cleans the odors as well as grease elements of the air and allows a fat-odorless food preparation.

An isolated and sealed oil collection system also avoids the appearance of typical oil odor.

„ No snack bar flair more “

Branding & Equipment

With individual surface refinements and foil inscriptions you can additionally personalize the GRILLOMAX with your design.

The modular basket technology makes it possible to use different inserts for the grill chambers. In addition to bratwurst, you can also prepare burger patties, steaks and other grills.

If your sausages have an individual size, e.g. Nuremberg, you can solve this with our adapter.




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